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Advantages of Original Handwriting for Sending Greeting Cards Online

Sending greeting cards to each other is a trend nowadays. Starting from the moment of Eid, birthdays, births and many others. By sending words, in fact, it makes anyone feel closer, doesn't it?

Not only gift a certain item, add it also with a specially made greeting card. To make it seem more special, try writing it directly using real handwriting. The advantages of original handwriting for sending greeting cards can actually provide mental health benefits, you know.

According to his own research, the activity of putting pen to paper can trigger feelings of happiness that are more significant. Of course this applies to both the sender and the recipient of the greeting card later. So, what are the advantages of original handwriting for sending greeting cards online will be discussed in full here.

1. Positive Trends of Generation Z

If the previous people communicated through written letters, of course now this has been replaced by the smartphone media for sending messages. However, handwriting is still something special. This is because its use is still widely found for purposes of sending greeting cards.

Sending greeting cards to each other at certain moments has even become a trend in itself at this time. Not only by parents, children born as Gen Z also follow this trend. Where every child sends greetings to each other through his handwriting. It's just that the difference is the delivery media that no longer uses goods or mail delivery services. Instead, they are sent online through various electronic media.

2. Can Establish and Deepen Friendship Connections

Want to get closer to someone? Sending greeting cards with certain items can be an alternative to try, you know. To make it look even more special, make sure you write the greeting card in real handwriting.

This handwriting will indirectly make a person's social bonds more intertwined. Whether for friendship or even family, this tradition of exchanging greetings will deepen their connection.

A handwritten greeting card will also impress the recipient even more. Not only is it special but shows how the sender made an effort to invest the time to write a specific message directly for the recipient.

3. Improve Mental Health

Who would have thought that the habit of exchanging greeting cards turned out to have such a good impact on one's mental health. This is influenced by the feeling of happiness by both the recipient and the sender. Let alone sent for free by someone, when you shop online and the package just arrives it feels happy, right?

4. Increase Creativity

Original handwriting is more likely to allow you to make a more impressive speech. Especially if the writing can be made using the lattering technique. Of course the messages sent not only seem more personal but also aesthetically pleasing.

And for those of you whose handwriting capacity is not so neat, there's nothing wrong with making greeting cards using original handwriting. You can still be creative in making your own style of writing. This is certainly better than typing a message using a stiff font, right?

To be more beautiful, also create greeting cards with various funny pictures. You are free to be creative in decorating it by cutting, pasting or coloring certain parts. If you can't send it directly, just take a photo and pass it on to the recipient. Guaranteed the recipient will be impressed with the greeting card you sent even though it was received online.

5. Show How Much You Value the Recipient

If you write a greeting card directly, of course, one of the considerations is to show more appreciation. Not just the result of typing with a stiff font, original handwriting will make the greeting card sent seem special. Let's say you specially wrote a certain greeting for the recipient.

Sentences or words written also seem deeper and sincere, you know. This is what makes the recipient more impressed with your greeting card later. Recipients will feel privileged because you are willing to take the time to write directly the greeting or prayer that was given. This indirectly makes the recipient feel that he is getting more attention.

Here are five advantages of genuine handwriting for sending greeting cards online that are important to consider. Congratulations on sharing the happiness by sending greetings to each other, yes!. One of Recomendation handwritten online you can visit automatically send birthday cards. You also can send it with a cake. Special birthday cake will make life more meaningful

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