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Debt Consolidation and How Does It Work?

We will discuss debt consolidation and how it works below in detail and briefly. To provide you with information on how to pay off a loan to make it much lighter and easier.

Because this method itself has been used by many people and has proven effective to help ease debt payments. Especially if you have several debt bills that are quite a lot in one month. Then this method could be the best solution.


What is Debt Consolidation?

For someone who has debt, of course, they want to be able to pay off their debt immediately. However, some conditions make it difficult for someone to pay it off. So there are several options that can be chosen to be able to pay all the debts they have.

One way is to do debt consolidation which can make it easier for someone to be able to pay all the debts they have. Even in this way, the debt will be more easily paid off and paid off.

Debt consolidation and how it works is to make several loans that you have into one. And take out another, bigger loan to pay off all the loans you have.

The method of paying off or paying all the debts you have and then combining them into one and paying off using another loan or with this credit card. It is considered to be one of the ways that can make it easier to pay off debt.

Because paying off just one loan or debt is much easier and lighter than having to pay off several debts within one month. One reason is to secure a lower interest rate on the loan you have.

Imagine if you have several small loans with different interest rates. So every month you have to spend money to pay the interest rate on your debt.

It will be much easier and lighter if you have one loan with a larger amount but with only one interest rate that you have to pay every month. Of course, this interest rate will be much lower than the interest rate on some of the loans you previously had.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?

When you have several small loans in a bank or credit card bills. With different interest rates and payment amounts for each loan. Then you will be burdened with a lot of interest rates.

And if all these interest rates are combined into one, the interest rate on the debt you have is quite large.

Ways of working

You can see an explanation of debt consolidation and how it works in the case below.

If you have multiple debts in:

APR Loan Bank Name

Bank A $ 45,000 24.90%

Bank B $ 32,500 18.90%

Bank C $ 14,500 12.00%

If you pay all the loans above every month within 1 year. By making a monthly payment of at least 4% for each loan you have.

Then you have to pay interest on the loan that you have more than $70,720 with a period of 12 years to pay off all the loans you have.

Instead of using this scheme, it will be easier if you combine the three loans above into one loan that requires only one payment. So that the interest on the loan that you have to pay will be lower.

By combining the above loans into one loan of $92,000 with an APR of only APR of 7.00%. You can pay off the loan above in just 4 years.

And the amount of interest you have to pay is $ 14,560. The amount of interest you have to pay will certainly be much lighter than you have to pay off three loans at three different banks.

Besides being more troublesome because you have to pay three loans every month, the interest you pay will also increase in number.

And the time you need to pay it off is also much longer compared to combining all loans into one loan. By using the debt consolidation method.


By reading the reviews about debt consolidation and how it works, which we discussed above. Hopefully later it can help you in the process of paying debts to make it lighter and easier. if you need more information about Debt Consolidation just Click here.

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