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Influencer Growth in the Last 5 Years

Influencers are today's jobs that can be said to be very promising. Both for the international arena and in Indonesia, the role of influencers is felt to be able to increase brand awareness of a product. So don't be surprised if famous influencers can get paid up to billions in one upload.

For example, Kylie Jenner who gets at least 14.4 billion in one upload on her Instagram account. According to the CNBC page, this figure is the benchmark for the highest paid influencers today.

More information about the world of influencers, starting from their understanding, development, impact and how to use them can be learned through the following discussion.

What are influencers?

Anyone who is in the world of online marketing is of course recommended to use influencers. Where these influencers are one of the marketing strategies to increase brand awareness through social media of certain figures. The estuary, of course, is to increase the level of sales of a product.

It can be said that an influencer is anyone who creates certain content and has a set of followers. Where the followers of these influencers are generally very enthusiastic about following each of the latest posts from those they follow. Generally, these influencers share various topics according to the topics they master.

Influencers are believed to be able to create new trends that make certain brands rise. This is because followers tend to follow or imitate what their idols do. This is where the consumer's urge to buy is increasing.

Even based on a MuseFind survey covered on the Forbes website, 92% of consumers trust influencers more than advertising. If an influencer reviews a product, the tendency of his followers to follow or imitate is high.

How is the Growth of Influencers Today?

Discussing the development of influencers, both on a global scale and in Indonesia, is not much different. Influencers can even be said to be one of today's most promising professions. The greater the impact given, it is directly proportional to the amount of payment that will be received later.

From the side of the brand owner or business person, these influencers can be an effective alternative for today's promotions. Where the amount of costs incurred will be proportional to the level of product sales. With a note, using the services of this influencer still uses a mature marketing strategy. One of them is the selection of influencers that match the product brand.

How Does It Affect Marketing?

It has been mentioned above that the influence of influencers in the world of marketing cannot be underestimated. For entrepreneurs who are just starting a business, these influencer services can be used as a marketing strategy to build brand awareness. Where your product will be better known to the market. The more the target market knows the product brand, then the sales opportunities also have the potential to increase.

What is conveyed by the influencer is also considered a softselling marketing. Where followers on social media will be interested in trying what certain characters use. It can be said that the opinions or reviews of these influencers have more bargaining value.

The development of influencers is increasing along with the changing interests of Gen Z youth. This generation prefers to surf in cyberspace such as social media rather than watching television. This is what makes famous artists or figures also busy opening themselves to receive advertising offers through their personal social media accounts. The more famous a character is usually the price offered is also fairly high.

How to Leverage Influencers?

The marketing process is not always in the form of marketing on television or through media such as banners on the streets. For certain products, promotions using influencer services are even more impactful. Where business actors can map out the target market that is a follower of the influencers. The trick is to look at the type of topic from the shared content and the activity of its followers.

For novice businessmen, there's nothing wrong with using influencers who don't have big names like artists. Where this type of influencer, even though the number of followers is not as much as a mega-influencer, but the audience they have is more specific according to a particular brand's target market.

One of the influencers who can be used as role models today is Vanessa Berlin. He is one of the many influencers who have very good credibility. Proven post management so you can get the best engagement and feedback. One of the techniques used by Vanessa is post management on social media.

It can be concluded that the benefits of using the services of these influencers are quite complex. In addition to increasing brand awareness, marketing are also considered more targeted and can even be monitored for reports. Even to create a certain trend, the buzzer network can also be additional ammunition that is worth trying. The marketing process is getting easier, more effective and cost-effective with the right strategy. Influencers can be one of the recommended platforms today.

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